Foo Fighters Close Out Lollapalooza with Monster Set

On Day Three of Lollapalooza, most of the festival’s approximately 90,000 attendees didn’t look like mere concertgoers – they resembled war casualties. Two punishing rainstorms yesterday turned Grant Park into a giant mud pit, leaving fans drenched, dirt-caked, and, in especially dire cases, shoeless.

Downpours, mud-pits and Foos: Lollapalooza’s final day

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Eminem, My Morning Jacket, Cee-Lo Draw Jumping Crowds to Lollapalooza Day Two

At noon on Day Two of Lollapalooza, Grant Park looked like a ghost town. Maybe it was because of the mild drizzle, or the fact that everyone was recovering from Friday night, but only the faithful were roaming around, taking advantage of the quick-moving beer lines and semi- clean porta-potties.

Highlights of Day Two

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Coldplay, Bright Eyes, Girl Talk, Tinie Tempah Launch Fiery Lollapalooza

Lollapalooza kicked off its 20th anniversary weekend in 85-degree temps and oppressive humidity, but despite the heat, a sold-out crowd of 90,000 packed into Chicago’s Grant Park to hear nearly 12 hours of music by 51 acts, including buzzy British rapper Tinie Tempah, indie icon Bright Eyes, and headliners Muse, Girl Talk and Coldplay.

Behind Day One of the rock ‘n roll circus

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The Insider’s Guide to Lollapalooza

From the tastiest Chicago-style hot dog to the best beach party, 10 pointers to enhance your festival experience

Every smart festival-goer knows to slather on the SPF, drink lots of water and not pack explosives when attending a massive music event like Lollapalooza, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this summer.

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