‘Mad Men’ Actor James Wolk on the Mystery of Bob Benson

Actor James Wolk on Mad Men conspiracy theories and how his past as a Bar Mitzvah emcee prepared him for the biggest role of his life

“If Mad Men went on for 10 years, and it were up to me, Bob would continue being mysterious.”

James Wolk on the Mystery of Bob Benson [PDF]

Hot Actress: Jessica Chastain

Hollywood’s hottest newcomer is an ethereally beautiful California girl — who still drives a ’97 Toyota.

Jessica Chastain has starred in six films this year. Her resumé is bursting, in other words – and yet she still drives a 14-year-old Toyota.

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‘Glee,’ TV’s New Hitmaking Machine

High-school choir churns out smash covers of Journey, Queen

When the creators of Fox’s Glee gathered to screen the pilot of the high school choir comedy, they called in a special consultant: former Journey singer Steve Perry.

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Broadway Cranks It Up With New Crop of Rock Musicals

U2, Green Day hit the stage

“Musical theater has to grow with the times,” says Michael Mayer, who wrote and directed American Idiot, the rock opera based on Green Day’s 2004 album. “It has to reflect the tastes of a generation that didn’t grow up on South Pacific.”

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Love on the Rocks

Scarlett Johansson and Pete Yorn channel Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot on ‘Break Up’

Most guys who dream about Scarlett Johansson don’t have the luxury of calling her up afterward. But Pete Yorn – who woke from a nap one afternoon around Christmas 2006 with the actress on his mind – had her number.

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Adam Lambert Rocks ‘Idol’ Revue

Up all night in Atlantic City with Adam Lambert and Kris Allen on American Idol’s summer tour.

It’s noon, and Adam Lambert is on the floor of a van en route to Atlantic City , trying to nap. “I’m fucking exhausted,” says the American Idol runner-up.

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