‘Mad Men’ Actor James Wolk on the Mystery of Bob Benson

Actor James Wolk on Mad Men conspiracy theories and how his past as a Bar Mitzvah emcee prepared him for the biggest role of his life

“If Mad Men went on for 10 years, and it were up to me, Bob would continue being mysterious.”

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Groupon’s Funny Business

The daily-deal site isn’t just the fastest-growing company in history: it’s also a breeding ground for a generation of comics, writers, actors and musicians.

Instead of being staffed by young tech geeks a la Facebook, Groupon’s offices are full of comedy, theater and music geeks.

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Hot Actress: Jessica Chastain

Hollywood’s hottest newcomer is an ethereally beautiful California girl — who still drives a ’97 Toyota.

Jessica Chastain has starred in six films this year. Her resumé is bursting, in other words – and yet she still drives a 14-year-old Toyota.

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In Europe, the Recession May Be Your Friend

The economic downturn has hit Europe hard, which by the Schadenfreude Rule of Travel means it’s bargain-hunting time across the Atlantic, right? We put that thesis to the test with a price check of our own.

Now that the economy has tanked, are there better bargains to be found across the Atlantic?

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The Dirty Truth About Hotel Ratings

Think you know what a five-star hotel looks like? Think again. With no standardized system across the globe, hotel ratings can be confusing, not to mention totally unreliable. We investigated the four major systems out there—and ranked them in order of trustworthiness.

From stars to diamonds to user-generated reviews, a guide to decoding hotel-ratings systems worldwide — and getting the most bang for your buck.

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Andersonville, Chicago

This quaint neighborhood on Chicago’s North side has gone from sleepy Swedish enclave to foodie heaven, with everything from homemade booze to America’s best slice of pizza

Forget meatballs. This once-sleepy swedish community has brought a whole smorgasbord of foodie spots to the north side.

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Electrode Avenue

A Northwestern University professor attempts to build the perfect lie detector

With its weathered blue sofa, textbook-littered desks and corkboard plastered with postcards from spring- break spots like Florida and Hilton Head, Room 202 in Northwestern University’s Cresap Hall could easily belong to a frat brother.

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Electrode Avenue

A new form of lie detection from a small lab at Northwestern University could stop crimes before they happen

With its weathered blue sofa, textbook-littered desks and corkboard plastered with postcards from spring break spots like Florida and Hilton Head, Room 202 in Northwestern University’s Cresap Hall could easily belong to a frat brother. Instead, it’s a laboratory where one professor is working to read minds — by building the ultimate lie detector.

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A Solution to Every Problem

With a little creativity, team obstacles can be turned into opportunities.

Even the best project team members can hit the wall: They feel disengaged, out of ideas, stuck in a rut or simply ready to move on. But by inspiring their teams’ creativity, project managers can look at these common team problems — and instead see solutions.

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Strength in Numbers

Project teams have never seen a broader age range. Here’s how to get the most from a multi-generational team.

It’s hard to think of a career component not influenced by a person’s age. And because the workforce now spans four generations for the first time in modern history, project managers must learn to balance the needs of team members across age groups like never before.

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The Love Connection

Here’s some simple advice: Spread the love. Not just with your partner, family, and friends, but with people you hardly know…because the more loving you are in everyday life, the healthier you could be.

An expert in the field of positive psychology explores the health perks of bonding — with everyone around you.

The Love Connection [PDF]

Life on the Rocks

Aron Ralston, whose harrowing tale of desert survival is chronicled in the 2010 film 127 Hours, opens up about his ego, being played by James Franco and the biggest sacrifice he’s ever had to make.

Aron Ralston is terrified of needles. “I can’t watch movies that show them. Pulp FictionTrainspotting, anything with heroin — it kills me.” Bold words coming from a guy who amputated his own arm.

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